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Project Overview

Fitness Space Surrey Quays challenged My eCommerce Partner to restructure their digital marketing campaigns across search and social media. We reimplemented their campaigns, advised on a creative strategy, and optimised their campaigns towards meaningful business objectives. As a result of the restructure, we reduced the client's monthly spend MoM by over 56%, decreasing the CPA by 47% whilst maintaining the number of monthly leads acquired.

Average Daily Organic traffic increase of 150%

56% Reduction in monthly spend

47% Decrease in CPA

The Challenge


Following a poor relationship with their previous media agency, Fitness Space Surrey Quays were looking for a marketing partner that could drive high-quality leads to their gym. They challenged My eCommerce Partner to audit and ultimately take over the management of their paid search and social media campaigns.

The Process

Grow - Our process started by establishing what made a lead a high-quality one. We reimplemented the Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns, applied new creative and optimised their campaigns towards meaningful business objectives. We optimised daily and followed up on the quality of leads generated.

The Output

Grow - The structuring of the Paid Search campaign allowed us to significantly reduce the budget needed to hit the target number of leads with the target cost per acquisition.

The range of new creative allowed our client to become far more competitive across Paid Social. Once again, we significantly reduce the cost per acquisition and grew the average monthly leads.

Our weekly meetings with the client highlighted the specific strategies that were driving performance and informed future creative strategy.


56% Reduction in monthly spend

47% Decrease in CPA

Fitness Space.jpeg

"I had no idea just how much we were wasting within our marketing campaigns before My eCommerce Partner partnered with us. We've seen incredible results since they took over the management of our campaigns."

Matt Burton - Head Coach - Fitness Space Surrey Quays